Google attempts to mimic human brain

As we can assume, the human brain is a complex system that functions seamlessly. If you were to compare it to a circuit board, you can say the human brain has many interconnected circuits that transfer information and stimuli at the speed of light. One group of scientist at google believe they can mimic this natural master piece with its new technology referred to as the deep-learning machine (TensorFlow). For years, they have been developing this machine, and it proved to be pretty cumbersome. Like mentioned earlier in this blog, engineers aim at creating “deep neural networks” within the brain of the machine.

This technology is a part of the machine learning segment in computer programming. In the article, it was tested that its extremely hard to program a computer to learn; this is overcome with a rote rehearsal like activity where the computer can remember and recall actions taken in previous exercises. Adding to its “memory database” it can begin to respond to any situation without human intervention. Currently this technology is already being used in applications like image search in Google Photos, speech recognition systems, Gmail, and Google Search.

Google aims to build computer that mimics human brain


Windows 10 Mobile vs.iOS 9

Windows just announced their software update. It seems as if though there is a constant battle between Apple and Windows to see who is the best in the Technology world. The new SO will include:

  • Improved Edge browser performance
  • No hassle software updates
  • Smoother run operating system

Though these updates are great, and both brands provide software and products that are of extreme quality, I feel like it comes to a matter of taste or preference. Windows can create a phone that literally reads my mind and I will still choose the iPhone over it, simply because I am comfortable with it. Which leads to the question, what can Windows do to make me want to switch to their products or what Apple can do to appeal to Windows users. Are software updates necessary? Does a new software make one product put itself over another? Either way I am sure the new Windows products and software are amazing, but I will stick with the iPhone.


Apple Pay: Helpful or Hazardous

It’s official, the twentieth first century is in full swing. Movies like “Back to the Future 2” are becoming more of a reality day after day with new technological advances turning our society into a futuristic meca. With these advances comes so many shortcuts to simple tasks, that it seems like there will be a shortcut to walking soon… oh wait! there is.

Apple introduced Apple Pay as apart of the iOS 9 software update which makes it possible for users to pay for anything with their iPhone. Though I am so excited that I don’t have to take out my credit card at the gas station anymore, am I the only one that is concerned about this? As a twenty something male college students, I can’t tell you how many times I personally lost my iPhone or have known someone who has lost their cellphone. With this new Apple Pay capability, losing your phone is the equivalent of losing both your phone and your wallet. Don’t get me wrong, it an incredible advance that Apple has provided but it leads me to question what safety features they created along with this to ensure our identities security. You tell me what you think about this. Am I right or am I just a victim too many lost 700 dollar mobile devices?

New Ransomware Steals Passwords

A new update to Angler the exploit kit, allows hackers to steal users’ passwords before encrypting their files and locking users out of their own machines.

While this mostly happen on poorly secure websites, it is still very important to remain aware of this potential issue. To read more about this issue and exactly how the malware works, check it out here.

Facebook CEO once again proves he is a saint

Earlier this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan announced a joint-venture LLC between the two of them and announced that together they would be releasing 99% of their held Facebook stock. – WHAT?

In an act of humanitarianism, the pair decided that they wanted to donate 99% of their company stock to “advancing human potential and promoting equality,” as their way of giving back. In their announcement, they came full circle back to the Internet quite a few times, explaining the actions on the basis that the Internet and technology on their own cannot solve the world – humans have to do their part, too.

A lot of people have seen this action as valid and admirable, only further adding to the world’s view of Mark Zuckerberg as a truly great guy. Priscilla Chan has kept a low profile, but is just as incredible, living her days as a pediatrician, philanthropist, and the other half of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that funds humanitarian projects. “We must directly engage with the people we serve,” wrote Zuckerberg and Chan in their announcement.

The two will be donating the money from their Facebook company shares over the course of their lifetime. Way to go, guys!

You can read more about the article referenced by this post here.

You can read more about the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and what it means for both Facebook and the world at large here.

We heard of humans becoming robots, but now robots becoming human???

We may take for granted the effort time we put into  walking, crawling and sitting up as babies. Scientist at UC Berkeley are changing how we view robots and the way we use them. Similar to engineering of the brain, the scientist are using technology that allows the robot to learn.  Through the use of less restrictive approach, they omit any specific programming and some-what give it a brain with neuron like emulators and signal paths.

At a first glance, we may feel like its cool that robots can be taught to do what we do. But what are the implications when we begin to became useless as humans. When maximizing profits are more important than the well being of humanity, who steps in and says “slow down”!? Im all for the advancement of technology and innovation, but I’ve seen the effects of advancing the brains of computers and forgetting to put the same amount of emphasis on advancing our human brains.

Nevertheless, these scientist came up with a cool gadget, and it shows how when the right steps are taken, we can guide our society n any direction we want.


Treat Yo Tesla

If you have a Tesla, you get it. If you don’t, what are you even doing here?

Tesla owners: has your vehicle been good all year? There should be no other answer other than “yes”!

Just like any good friend, family member, or pet, your Tesla deserves to be rewarded for its good behavior. Thankfully, Evannex has created a special Holiday Gift Guide to assist owners in purchasing useful accessories for their vehicles.

The gift guide’s items range from glasses clips to trunk lighting systems to center console inserts to custom floor mats! All at an affordable price!

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