Robots Battle. Our Sci-fy fantasy is here.

Over the many years Sci-fy enthusiasts have been waiting for something monumental to happen.  The time has finally come, United States Robotics company Megabots Inc. has challenged the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a duel.  Suidobashi has accepted the challenge saying that “of course we will accept the challenge, giant robots are apart of Japanese culture”.  They have put on some conditions in order for the fight to be as real as possible instead of just a boring shoot’em up fight.  So in order for the fight to be fair and entertaining both of the companies have given each other time in order to get ready for the fight.  The Americans battle bot is in need of some alteration mainly because their model is not prepared for a melee fight against Suidobashi’s battle bot.  Compared to Megabots Inc. machine Suidobashi’s battle bot is falling behind in the areas of weight and speed but is ready for melee combat and has mounted firearms on it.  Both companies are preparing their machines in order to be ready for the fight.

Personally I am super excited for this, I have been a long time fan of the Sci-fy genre.  To be able to see this in my lifetime is just AWESOME!!!!!  I am happy to see that both companies are willing to make sure that both parties are going to be ready for the fight.  I will provide the URL’s for each of the companies in case you would like to look into each on your own.

Megabots Inc.

Suidobashi Heavy Industries


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