Why people “dislike” the idea of a “dislike” button on Facebook.

If you have Facebook, which I’m sure almost all of you do, then you are familiar with the “like” button. Some of you may use it very generously, and some of you pride yourself on how many “likes” you get on a post or a picture. But Facebook has never given us the opportunity to “dislike” something, even though some of us may really want to.
This week Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s plan to begin implementing a “dislike” button. I personally thought people would be very excited to hear this news. Though Facebook has never had a “dislike” button before, it never stopped users from commenting the word “dislike” on a post. Granted, most of the time it was meant to be taken as a joke. However, Facebook users are worried that this new button will promote negativity and encourage cyber-bullying.
Mark Zuckerberg responded to these concerns in a conference this week explaining that the purpose of this button is to be able to express sympathy rather than negativity.
For example, if I posted a status saying,”I was just in a car accident. I am fine but my car was totaled” someone can hit the “dislike” button to express their sympathy over my totaled car. If I were to post that status today, people’s only options are to either hit the “like” button or ignore it all together. Basically, Facebook is allowing you to either like the fact that my car has been ruined or ignore me and not express any concern…that’s pretty messed up Facebook!
I’m only kidding. I think the “dislike” button is a cool idea but I understand the concern of spreading negativity. What do you guys think?


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