Apple Watch Saves Athlete’s Life!

In the IT world, wearable tech is the new craze! It is often contested whether devices like the Apple Watch or Google Glass really add anything to the user experience or if they just have a “cool factor”.

The Apple Watch is a smart watch that connects to the users iPhone and collects data about them like how much they’ve worked out and their heart rate. It’s just this technology that saved one teen athlete’s life! The teen was wearing his Apple Watch during his first day back to football practice when he noticed that he had a very high heart rate even hours after he stopped exercising. His coach confirmed his heart rate manually and he was rushed to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, which is where proteins from the muscles flood the bloodstream and can ultimately lead to death. If this teen had not been monitoring his heart rate on his Apple Watch there is no telling what the outcome of this story could have been.


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