Brain Computers are cool, but Should We Be So willing to trust its augmentation of our reality?


Call me a senior citizen, but reading the 2020 article frightened me intensely. As mention in the article, you can consider me an old-fashion person because I’m just not comfortable with accepting an augmented reality. In the article, the scenario focused on the many advantages afforded to Kinuko because of her augmented reality subscriptions. I’m pretty sure all individuals are happy when things become easier for them; but it seems like people are all too willing to risk themselves just to not have to remember things or get up and change the channel themselves.

There are many vulnerabilities associated with and augmented reality. We will become desensitized to being an “individual” and eventually become robots in a sense. What’s a world without character? The article highlighted how Kinuko doesn’t need to window shop, because recommendations for things she’s previously purchased or is most likely to be interested in are pushed out to her. I’ve recently got a taste of this and it bothers me. I don’t like the notion of people keeping track of what I like and my habits. This is a serious invasion of privacy and living your life through internet recommendations will cause people to lose a sense of self. This kind of living will cause people to live in a way where they no longer care about what they want, instead they accept and live by only what is available.

Are far as retina display, what are the health implications of it? People are unaware of how our emotional well-being goes hand and hand with the engrams stored in our brain from visual stimuli and audio. These kind of devices can really alter mankind and cause people to lose accessibility to the human need of “self-actualization”. As people we need to remember that we have a purpose. Our purpose is highly diminished if we are always looking for recommendations based of data mining.

Furthermore, there’s really no need to address the criminal implications of living in an augmented reality. The article stated Kinuko’s Content Service Provider (CSP) lets her switch off what she doesn’t want to see. The premium service is expensive but it’s worth it to filter out all the stuff she’s not into. This statement points out the harm that can be done socially; how are we supposed to grow as individuals if we are stuck in ourselves? We grow as people because of the new things we learn and experience every day. We can’t grow if we’re living in a reality where we are only exposed to things we are used to. This prevents people from wanting to venture the outside world and explore more of themselves. In the need this kind of living will do nothing but increase crime and turn humanity into zombies (as if we’re aren’t already). It will also be extremely stupid for citizens to trust the government and corporation with data about every facet of their lives. It’s been proven time and time again that mass data collection intent is to keep track of people if needed. It’s never really about making life easier for people, but that’s the propaganda we accept in order to be lazy. Project2020


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