Free is Never Really Free

The term “free” has become quite relative. AVG Antivirus says they provide security software for free. But free isn’t really free. While customers don’t have to pay any money for AVG’s security software, they are now paying with their personal information. AVG has come out and said that in order for them to provide this software to customers for no charge, they have to offer customer information to advertising companies in order to make money. This new policy will go into effect on October 15th.

AVG used to sell some information to advertisers, but was very limited. It inlcuded:

  • Word’s that were searched
  • Malware on the machine

The new information that AVG will be selling to advertisers now includes:

  • Browsing and Search History
  • Metadata
  • Device Advertising ID
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Information on Other Apps

To learn more, visit:


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