Samsung users in Europe are receiving a news application

Samsung has always been very diverse with their large quantity of applications the playstore has to offer, and they are now changing up their role in the application market by creating their own news application. This application is split up into two sections- “Need to know” and “Want to know.” Samsung devices do not have such an exclusive news application, so this has been their newest forthcoming in their development of mobile devices. This application will not be available on other devices such as Apple; therefore, it is solely a Samsung-directed application. Rather than this application being available to ALL Samsung users, however, it is said to only be available in Germany and Poland.

Based on the summary of this application and what it has to offer, it seems as if it is targeted towards a user-friendly environment in which the user’s preferences are taken highly into consideration. For example, the “Need to know” section on the news application m seem as if Samsung wants users to be fully aware of a news piece that is highly popular worldwide or nationwide, while the “Want to know” section targets certain user likes and dislikes in which they can simply choose whether or not they’d like to read an article based on their personal preferences. We can conclude that Samsung took the time out to filter pieces of news that users may be uninterested in based on their level of subjectivity towards user preferences. This has been something that Samsung always seems to do successfully.

I think this application will most certainly be one of good use-for both Samsung users and the Samsung market’s profit. It is distinct from the other typical social media and game applications that they have to offer in the Google play store, so this application will undoubtedly receive a high popularity rate. Due to this, I do believe they should eventually consider making this application available in the United States as well as other countries. I do question why this application is only in Germany and Poland, due to the fact that there weren’t many details stating why in the article. Subjectively speaking, Samsung users in the US are especially highly active on their cell phones, so this would create an even larger success rate for the Samsung application market.


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