Problems arise after iOS 9 Software debut

The technological powerhouse released iOS 9, the new and improved version of their predecessor iOS 8. In a society where it seems as if the Apple brand can do no wrong, we sometimes forget that they are a technological company where problems can arise.

The new software provides a new personal assistant that offers a new proactive functioning operating system, along with brand new applications and an updated design scheme. Multitasking is now available for iPad users. Take a look at the many improvements and features offered:

Though these our vast improvement and give Apple users a reason to be excited, the new software has caused frequent system crashes and freezing.

The company admits to these problems and is actively looking for ways to improve it with a new update that is currently being tested right now. If all works out, users can expect a resolution sooner rather than later, but until than representatives from the company have give us a 4-6 week wait.

If you are experience said freezing and/or problems with your iPhone after updating your software, Apple has provided a troubleshoot procedure described in the article below.


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