Smash in September

While we weren’t able to have as much representation from the rest of North Florida like the last Mellow Mushroom tournament, this week we still pulled some Pensacola Smashers to make some moves in the bracket.   Pensacola was actually able to take home first place in Melee due to phenomenal play from Ragnarock who was able to defeat Its a Wonderful World’s Jigglypuff in both Winner’s and Grand Finals.

Smash for Wii U was a slightly different story, however, with almost the entire bracket consisting of Tallahassee locals and only a couple Pensacola Scene members.  Ganonballer from Pensacola, however, was fortunate enough to take a set off a ranked Tallahassee player just before being knocked into the losers bracket by our 2nd ranked Chez, the Sonic main.   The rest of the bracket played out without many hiccups with most ranked players who participated eliminating one another at the end.  Sax, a Mario/Falcon main who is originally from Jacksonville, but recently moved to Tallahassee, was actually able to take the Winner’s Finals set over the 1st-seeded Chez!  Chez came back through the losers bracket with a win over 8 in Loser’s Finals just before resetting the bracket over Sax and taking the second set of Grand Finals.

Our next Tallahassee tournament is a Melee only tournament being hosted 9/26/15 at Pita Pit.  If you are interested in participating or just watching great Super Smash Bros. Melee in action, feel free to come by!  The event page for the tournament is in a link in the tournament’s name: Melee in the Pit.


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