iPhone 6S Available for Pre-Order

Apple has done it again. They continue to come out with the newest technology, constantly outdating our old phones we are in a contract with for the next 2 years. If you’re ready to upgrade your phone, the iPhone 6S is the way to go. Apple recently launched new posts with added features the new phone will include.

Not only is the new iPhone available in the newest color, Rose Gold, it is available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray. The new iPhone can be pre-ordered beginning on September 13th. Apple is now a major product of the four major phone companies including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

The next generation of the iPhone now includes 3D touch, which allows users to experience their phone like they never have before. The screen now senses the amount of pressure you tap your screen with, allowing different features to be accessed and clicked out with the tap of a finger.

The iPhone 6S now includes an updated camera with a 12 megapixel iSight camera and takes 1080 HD Videos and has an updated front camera with 5 megapixel lens, allowing for the most eloquent selfies.

For the design of the phone, the new model features the strongest, most durable glass screen Apple has ever put on their phones. (Say goodbye to shattered screens.) Also including the new Retina display and variety of colors.

It’s clear that Apple is doing something right. They are setting high bars for their competitors to keep up and launch products of their own. It is apparent that Apple is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Read more about the iPhone 6S and how you can preorder here!



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