Doctors can use social media, too.

Social media has already proven itself to be a valuable resource on its own for businesses and personal branding. In the past few years, many companies have initiated and maintained strong social media presences as a means to share information with mass amounts of people at one time and to connect with customers on a level that is easily accessible to all. Although so many companies and upper division executives have joined in on the social media trend, very few doctors have dared to try to use it for their benefit. Earlier this week, Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD. spoke to Forbes about ways he has found to use social media as a resource in the medical field. In the interview, Dr. Campbell spoke on reasons why social media is an effective tool for doctors and how doctors can use social media to benefit their practice and patients alike.

One of the ways medical professionals can use social media, Dr. Campbell explains, is to share new information with current patients as well as potential patients. If a doctor sees that changing x amount of medication or doing something more often can directly impact someone’s current state of health, social media provides a vehicle to share the new findings easily. It opens up new ways to connect with patients and allows doctors to support patients locally and on the internet. Additionally, doctors can use social media as a way to connect with other professionals as well. This can be achieved through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook or on medical forums and website threads.

Social media has proven again its importance for the world we live in. Although doctors have not extensively used social media platforms as ways to help others, some, like Dr. Campbell, are starting to see how useful it can be, how much impact they can have in cyberspace. It is likely that in the next few years, more doctors and other STEM professionals will take to the internet and use social media to their advantage.

To read the full interview, you can visit the link below.

Can Doctors Improve Patient Outcomes With Social Media?


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