Facebook Announces Plans to Help Refugees Stay Connected With Their Families

Growing up with a family living in Quito, Ecuador, it was hard to always stay connected and informed with what was going on in their lives. When I was little social media was not a thing. The closest thing to social media was AIM instant messenger, but people in Ecuador didn’t know what that was yet. If I wanted to talk to my cousins, I had to clear it with my parents first because long distance calls were expensive. Luckily I traveled there once a year for about a month. However, that only made leaving them that much harder.
Luckily when I entered high school in 2008 Facebook was on the rise so I signed up. Not even a year later my cousins in Ecuador were finally on Facebook. Next thing I knew my parents, my aunts and uncles, even my grandparents were on Facebook! We were finally able to instantly talk to one another via Facebook chat. I could send them birthday messages, post funny videos on their wall, and share pictures of us from our time spent together during my summers in Ecuador. To this day, my ability to stay connected with long distance relatives is the main reason I even stay on Facebook.
This week Zuckerberg announced his plan to start a new campaign that will help get internet access to refugee camps. He wants to help the refugees stay connected with their families, just like I did with my family in Ecuador. Zuckerberg thinks that this campaign will help the UN bring people out of poverty by meeting its development goals. It’s hard to say how Zuckerberg will make this happen exactly, but I for one hope he can make it possible.
The link below explains a little bit about Zuckerberg’s plan. What do you guys think about this idea? Do you think it’ll work?


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