Learning to Walk… AGAIN!


History has just been made!!! For the first time ever, a formerly paralyzed person is now able to walk again without the use of robotics. Brain computers (BCI) and their interfacEs have came a long way, and is finally makig a major break-through in the medical field. An individual with a spinal cord injury (SCI)  was recruited for the study and was trained to operate an electroencephalogram-based brain-computer interfaces system using an attempted walking/idling control strategy. He also underwent muscle reconditioning to facilitate standing and overground walking with a commercial functional electrical stimulation system (FES). During the course of 19 weeks, the participant performed 30 real-time, BCI-FES controlled overground walking tests, and demonstrated the ability to purposefully operate the BCI-FES system by following verbal cues. Based on the comparison between the ground truth and decoded BCI states, he achieved information transfer rates >3 bit/s and correlations >0.9. No adverse events directly related to the study were observed.


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