New iOS 9.0.1 Update for iPhone has a Lock-Screen Bypass Hack

With new updates generally come new issues. The case is no different with the new software update for iPhones. While iOS 9.0.1 has some new great features that make phones better and more user friendly, there is one large issue with this update. People utilize the pass code function on their phones to keep their information private and available only to them or those who they share their code with. The main problem with this new software update is the fact that anyone who has physical access to their iPhone or iPad can access photos and contacts without even needing to know the lock-screen pass code.

Through several simple steps, that have even been documented in a video, anyone can gain access to both photos and contacts on anyone’s phone so long as they have physical access to it. The good news is however, it has been discovered that by disabling access to Siri while the phone is in lock-screen mode, the hack is prevented from working. While this can solve the problem for the time being, Apple will need to come up with a way to fix this bug in their next software update.

To read more about this issue, and to watch the video on how the hack actually works, click here.


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