Tesla Launches Model X – An Electric SUV!


When people think of SUV’s, they think of gas guzzling, monster vehicles. However, Tesla Motors is about to change that preconceived notion. Tonight, at 8pm, the electronic car company will launch their first ever SUV model – The Model X.

When people think of Tesla, they think of technology, futuristic cars that are most likely owned by techie males. Nonetheless, this preconceived notion is also about to be diminished. With no engine or transmission, this vehicle has more interior space than a standard SUV and provides the option to fold the second and third rows of seats down to make even more room. Now, women looking for the perfect SUV to drive their children to soccer practice or hit the mall with their girlfriends can look no further.

Coming in at about $132,000, this SUV will provide the bang to your buck. The vehicle offers several luxury features, such as: parking sensors, blind spot warnings, automatic emergency parking, Falcon Wing rear doors with sensors for opening garages, and so much more. Forbes suggest that this new commodity just might prevail as the top vehicle in the high-end SUV market.

Tesla has booked about 30,000 reservations for their new vehicle. Important details remain disclosed and the anticipation only draws more attention and desire for the launch tonight. The wait is over – the future is here.


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