Twitter Has Plenty to #AskTrump

Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, either didn’t get the memo that Twitter Q&As are self-defeating, or he simply didn’t care. I find the latter much more likely.

Here’s how it went down (in flames):

Last Monday, Donald Trump visited Twitter headquarters in New York City and invited Twitter users to ask him anything using the hashtag #AskTrump. The dozen or so he answered were very tame compared to the majority of #AskTrump tweets, which typically either mocked Trump or questioned him on his controversial views, statements, and actions.

To sum it up, #AskTrump backfired tremendously if its goal was to receive serious, thoughtful questions. This US Weekly article provides a glimpse of the types of tweets that brought #AskTrump to trending status, and they’re pretty bad with some verging on cruel.

I wouldn’t worry about Trump’s feelings being hurt though. As one of the most controversial presidential candidates the US has ever seen, outspoken Donald Trump can take the heat and doesn’t hesitate when it’s his turn to throw it back, which leads me to believe Mr.Trump knew exactly what he was getting himself into by holding a Twitter Q&A. I’d guess that Trump subscribes to the idea that “no press is bad press” and that this was basically a publicity stunt aiding to keep his campaign relevant. If that is the case, then any buzz, positive or negative, meant this Q&A was a success in Trump’s eyes.


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