Apple’s newest iOS 9 feature could be costing you additional money

Apple has done it again. They’ve recently released the newest iOS 9 software and made it easily available to the public, but are you aware of every feature you signed up for? Maybe we really do need to be reading the 12 pages of Terms and Agreements…

The recent iOS 9 update features the newest update, WIFI assist. This feature automatically senses when a Wifi Connection is slow and will switch over to data LTE and turn it on. For users that do not have unlimited data, this can be alarming. The overage charges on data packages are pretty steep.

Now, don’t get me wrong the newest software update has me glued to my phone and I am fascinated by the newest updates but it’s alarming that Apple can release a feature that really can hurt the bank accounts of its users. Apple’s customers are already loyal enough by constantly upgrading to the newest phone release, as well as updating chargers and charging docks… It’s all a gimmick. Apple is robbing the banks of users and then tries to pull this over our eyes? Not this time Apple.

To read more about how to guarantee your next phone bill isn’t going to sky rocket, click here to turn off Apple’s newest feature and help spread the word.



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