Dr. James McLurkin, Mini Robots could be the Future of Robotics

We all know that Robotics is a growing field for engineers to to sink there teeth into.  But the problem it seems now is that people are Having trouble of picking the design of the robots.  We have all seen the life size human replicas that they have today  but some engineers believe that Swarm Bots hold the key to the future of robotics.  For those of you that don’t know Swarm Bots consist of a large number of simple physical robots that can perform tasks together to accomplish there goal.  Sound familiar?  If you are thinking of Big Hero 6 the recent Pixar animated movie, they used swarm bots in that movie.

Ignoring the dude in the mask.  Behind him is an example of Swarm Bots.  He uses all of these tiny robots to accomplish his evil deeds.  But think of the good things that it could be used for and the things that people could achieve if the technology for something like this existed.  We aren’t anywhere close to this level yet but at Harvard they are working with Swarm Bots and creating new technology and are well on there way to make something great to help the world.  So what do you think should we have robots that are more life like and can do things similar to us human beings or should we have something similar to that of Swarm Bots.  Below I will put a link to to an article about Dr. James McLurkin and what he believes to be the key to the future of robotics.

Dr. James McLurkin Google Engineer


Also here is a video from Harvard University on what they are doing with Swarm Bots:



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