Twitter 2.0? Twitter XL? The new face of Twitter could be coming soon

It was reported this week that Twitter has plans to unveil a new product that features a longer character limit than the current 140-character maximum. The announcement of these plans, delivered by a reputable, third party source, phrases it to seem like the current limit isn’t going anywhere, but a new product will become available with the mentioned longer limit. The Twitter company has been operating under the 140-character limit since 2006 so the fact that this was even in discussion seems a bit of character. Although the claims came from a strong source, Twitter has not yet supported or denied the potential “new Twitter” and has released zero official information.

For those of us who have been avid “Tweeters” for years, a new character limit is bittersweet. We have become so accustomed to the 140-character limit that adding characters seems like both a luxury and an odd change. Individuals new to Twitter need to know the struggle that is trying to fit everything you need to say into such a small space. A longer limit also discounts the art of that struggle. Having a strong Twitter presence, especially for companies and businesses, has become an art if not a science within itself. Being able to effectively channel what you want to say into 140 characters is somewhat impressive and requires at least a little bit of skill.

It will be interesting to see what Twitter has to say about the claims and/or the “new product.” Depending on the product they launch and how they introduce it to the social media circles, Twitter could be giving us the next big platform; it could also flop. Only time will tell what the future holds for social media.

For more information about the unofficial announcement, you can check out the Forbes article I’ve been referencing:

Twitter Likely Expanding 140-Character Tweet Limit With New Product


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