Patent “troll” interrupt’s Samsung service

A company called Unwired Planet may have just become famous than they ever were before, but for all the wrong reasons. This company, which calls itself a patent licensing company, only currently holds sixteen employees while it once had over two thousand employees and it doesn’t even produce much that is newly updated anymore. However, it claims it is the original creator of the mobile internet; therefore, this company is working to sue Samsung, Google, and Huawei. It’s suing three high-end successful companies, yet it is not producing anything. This gives them the name of “Patent Troll.”

They once had a very successful software, but ended up selling this to another software company called Ericsson. The rights of the patents is what became a barrier in this whole situation, however, so now Unwired Planet wants cash. Tons of it. With Samsung being one of the three companies who are going to be sued, will this process last for a while? A winning verdict for Unwired Planetcould definitely take a spin in the world of technology. Their investments will go up, and Samsung could possibly be in some trouble.

In my opinion, the whole process was unethical and unnecessary. However, this is where patent laws come in to the side of ethics.


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