Does Tesla’s Model X have the “X Factor”?

So, word on the road (get it?) is that the Tesla Model X was supposed to be “it”. This electric crossover, appealing to both men and women would set Tesla apart from the rest. It would take over the high-end SUV industry, but, did it? Some would say the technology company failed.

When there is so much hype and excitement for something, sometimes an unveiling may fall short of expectations. If you take away the Tesla’s breathless coverage, the Silicon Valley sycophantery, and our intrinsic love of the self-made billionaire story, all that is left is a “minivan-ish, crossover-esque stone”. The Model X is definitely an exciting crossover, yet, not as exciting as many had hoped.

Nonetheless, the reveal of the Model X created pandemonium. Thousands of people crowded around just to get a glimpse at the shiny new vehicle. The car bears various insane features such as its giant panorama windshield, the monopost second-row seats and most of all the “falconwing” doors. Many of the features were still being modified up to the very last second and Musk admitted that, “[The Model X is certainly] next level, but it would have done fine without so many advanced features.”

These fancy new features pose concerns such as the cost to replace certain elements of the car and whether or not Tesla “succumbed to the same slightly cynical playbook that governs every status-quo automaker Musk promised to disrupt.” The article compares the Model X as the iPhone 6 plus to the Model S’s iPhone 6. It’s new, it’s popular, it is the must have, but, is it worth it?

Although the new vehicle may have slightly fell short of people’s expectations, people are still buying the car, and that’s pretty much all that matters. Tesla still has that fan base that will allow the company to grow. In fact, the company plans to create 50,000 vehicles this year.

So, after all of the facts and reviews, you make your decision. Does Tesla’s Model X have the “X Factor”?


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