Free Electricity Anyone?

Manoj Bhargava


“How to get electricity in every home in the world without ever having to pay for electric again.”


“Invent Stuff”

Manoj Bhargava is the founder and CEO of 5 hour energy.  He has started a project he is very passionate about and that is called Billions in Change.  This project is focused on three major things water, energy, and health.  What I am mainly going to talk about here is the energy focus.

The idea for pollution free energy has everyone intrigued when you start talking about it, but when it comes to actually doing something most people shy away from the light.  Billions in Change have come up with a way to accomplish this task and more.  Their idea is very simple, they have built a hybrid bicycle that you pedal and it creates energy.  For people in the world that don’t have a reliable source for electricity, this invention could change the lives of billions of people throughout the world by providing them a reliable source of electricity.

We could also apply this invention to other areas in our own home.  What if we brought these ideas and technology to college campuses world wide not only to help them use green energy but to help research these ideas and to help improve them, and to create other inventions that can help with things like this.  On the Florida State University Campus we have a very large gym with lots of machines that students use to work out.  If we added a part to the gym where they had these hybrid bicycles we could potentially reduce the environmental foot print that we have in our area.  then imagine what would happen if every university had something like this.

The possibilities for this technology is absolutely astounding.  The sheer amount of people that it can reach and help around the world should automatically draw people attention to this project.  If you want to find more information about this project I will provide a link that goes to their website so you can learn some more about it.  I will also provide another link that allows you to contact them if you have any questions.

About Billions in Change

Contact Billions in Change


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