Hacking, but for good?

Hacking is essentially always thought about as something negative. Getting hacked generally involves some type of malware or virus or something that causes a device to not function properly or be unusable. Who knew that there would be some person out there who is hacking for good reason? An anonymous person has hacked over 10,000 unprotected wi-fi routers to make them more secure, or to force the owners into making them more secure.

By utilizing a form of malware called Linux.Wifatch or Ifwatch, this hacker helps to detect and remediate the known families of malicious codes present on the compromised devices. Then, it will ask the owner to update their password and to close potentially vulnerable Telnet port immediately. It is very interesting that someone out there is willing to spend their time hacking routers to help improve security, however I am sure that it helps many people in the long run.

To learn more about this unusual hacker, what exactly the code is and does, and how to secure your router, check it out here.


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