Table Computers ‘widely used in under-fives’

Table Computers ‘widely used in under-fives’

BBC came out with an article that analyzed 2,000 families across the country and 31% of those homes toddlers had their own table or tablet-based computer. Tablets are crushing the younger kids with having easy learning apps and puzzles that engage them in intellectual activities. There is a scare with having a rapid use of tablets with the under-fives because there are clearly some apps that are not “age appropriate” for them. Teachers in preschools or becoming more adapt to using tablets in everyday learning exercises. BBC also found out that around 71% of kids between the ages of 5-15 years old have all had at least one tablet at home. The growth of the tablet over the past 5 years is ridcilous and is only going to get stronger. The average use amongst these under-fives is about 1-2 hours per day; and a little bit longer on the weekend. Now a days kids at the age of 5 can already use and understand the functions and settings of a table, when I was five I could barely work a remote for a tv.


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