Instagram finally soars past Twitter

The popular social media platform Instagram released data this week showing they had finally surpassed Twitter in terms of how many users they have globally. Initially a fledgling platform, Instagram has collected more than 400 million users since its start up, gathering a fourth of those in the past nine months alone.

For average social media users like you and me, this just means we could have more likes on our pictures or we can discover that many new people on the platform. It also means we could see shifts in the way Twitter operates or new developments within Twitter’s user interface to try to compete with the rapidly expanding Instagram force. In the nine month span wherein Instagram gained as much traction as it did, they released multiple massive updates that made it a strong competitor in the social media market. Aiming to cater those trying to live in real time, they created feeds covering live events and places where people could collectively post photos from events and specific themes: something Twitter has been trying to release for years. A few weeks back, Twitter announced changes were coming and that the platform might be opening up its iconic 140-character limit, so it will be interesting to see what comes from this whole situation.

The fact that Twitter tried to buy Instagram but lost it to Facebook is another factor that makes this new data sting a little more. Facebook purchased Instagram for a comparatively low amount, beating Twitter to the punch. Twitter has been struggling to keep up with more visual platforms, as millennials have proven they are statistically drawn to apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, and Dubsmash.

The article I referenced can be found at Instagram Hits 400 Million Users, Soaring Past Twitter. I highly encourage you read through it to learn about the logistics side of this, and what this actual means for the social world we live in today.


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