The Dislike Button is Here! But It’s Not What We Thought It’d Be

In early September, Mark Zuckerberg introduced their plans to implement a “dislike” button. He claimed that Facebook users had been wanting one for some time now. As I discussed in previous posts, this idea raised a lot of speculation. It raised a lot of concerns over whether or not it would promote negativity and bullying; however; Zuckerberg hasn’t implemented a “dislike” button at all. Zuckerberg introduced the “emoji reaction” which allows you to hit a button of the emotion that you want to express.
In an earlier post I discussed the confusion of how to a re-act to a Facebook posts that delivers bad news. If your friend posts about getting in a car accident you struggle because you don’t want to like it and make your friend think that you like the fact that they got in a car accident; but you also don’t want to ignore it and not say anything.
The new emoji reaction provides several different emojis for a variety of emotions. You can express happiness, sadness, anger, excitement etc.
This is a brilliant idea in my opinion. Our choices were very limited with the idea of only being able to pick between like/dislike. Think about how boring our lives would be if our only emotions were like and dislike.
Facebook continues to push the boundaries of social media. The line between real and virtual is becoming much thinner, and Mark Zuckerberg has played a huge role in that.
Check out this article to read more about the “emoji reactions”.


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