Samsung Marshmallow 2.0

The most recent update from the Samsung Galaxy mobile market is called the Marshmallow update. As it typically goes, Samsung users are anticipating this update and are willing to see some of the new features that are included- however, in this scenario, users are most importantly anticipating which specific Android devices will be carrying this newly created update. So far, this update will be included in some of the more newer Samsung devices that have been released into the market within the past year. These devices include the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note S4 and the Note S5.

The one thing Samsung users need to know is that just because for now the Marshmallow update is included on these devices only, it does not mean that it will indeed be excluded completely from the over devices as well. In my opinion, I believe it is a smart tactic of Samsung to start off by only including this update on the newer devices as a “test market” in order to see if the update is running smoothly in which they can further their profit by including it on the other devices as well.

Some of the new improvements that will be included in the update include the power-saving “Doze” mode, more control over app permissions, and a more concise and clear way of silent mode and volume controls. These are some small aspects that will surely play a large part in improvements which will most certainly be noticed by fellow Samsung users.


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