Apple Removes Malicious Ad Blockers from iOS Stores but Doesn’t Disclose App Names

Apple has recently announced that they have removed several apps that had the capabilities to install root certificates and allow monitoring of individual’s data. While this almost makes it seem like they were lacking in monitoring and auditing, for lack of a better term, their App Store, it is good news to know they have been removed.

Aside from that however, Apple has still not released the names of these apps which they removed from the store. As a result, any individual who has already downloaded the app to their iPhone or iPad still has the chance to be affected by this malware and have their personal information compromised. What makes this even more ridiculous, is that Apple is advising its users in how to uninstall malicious apps, while not revealing the names of these apps. It is a wonder how they expect people to take advantage of their advice when they refuse to tell the public which apps this included.

To read more on this interesting issue, click here.


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