Basics of Virtual Reality

VR is rapidly making its way towards store shelves, with a number of products ready to be released within the next year. You might be excited to finally get your hands on VR, but do you know all that you need to know about it? Do you know what asynchronous timewarp is? Ok, maybe you don’t need that one, but Tom’s Hardware has got you covered on all the basic need-to-know of VR and more. They’ll fill you in on stuff like…

  • Presence, what every VR headset strives for
  • Field of view and why it’s crucial to the experience
  • Latency, what is acceptable, what is too slow?
  • Head tracking and the differences in some products have in this regard
  • Resolution and how it’s calculated when you’re dealing with two screens
  • Input methods that pair with the head-mounted device

If you’re interested in VR, even just curious, I recommend you check this out so you can be in the loop when these headsets hit the market in the next few months.


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