Is keeping up with Apple really the problem with i0S 9?

Apples recent determination to maintain its quality and reputation after the release of its latest iOS 9 software comes as no shock. In my opinion the company realizes that it is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle, and this lifestyle promises quality with the most up to date, cutting edge, and trendiest technology. I personally cannot believe that it has take them this long to figure out the problem.

The article above shows how this release has sparked new updates at faster rates in hopes of fixing the problems. It is simply unacceptable for products that cost a small fortune to not be able to function its fundamental capabilities or to be freezing up when a simple task is asked. Apple really needs to get it together. I understand the fact that technological advances are necessary and are welcomed in society today but it should not be determined on the latest model of your devices. Someone with a 3 year old iPhone 5 should be able to do the same things as the iPhone 6s. Being able to keep up with these upgrades is nearly impossible for the masses and Apple runs the risk of losing loyalty because of this.


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