Windows tablets for business hit 10% share in second quarter

Globally  67% of all business smartphones and tablets are bring-your-own devices (BYOD), from when u compare to one-third that are “corporate-liable. This just  means a business pays for and maintains them. Businesses have to do less supply of these smart phones because most of there employees already have them and bring them into the wort place.

But the biggest curveball is that there is contrast when u compare to what happens in Western Europe, where BYOD for smartphones is a lot lower at 38%. This in return makes it have a lot stricter regulatory based on data privacy and because European businesses like to put workers on corporate plans due to high roaming charges for travel throughout the continent.

While Apple seems to be the prime supplier to people who don’t know but Android controls the tablet market, about 53% globally respectively.

Tablets growth is growing every single week as I can see and you guys following the blog will enjoy. Everybody big or small business or even youngster (like last weeks article) you find a balance in your everyday routine that using a tablet benefits you. Next week we will go into more depth of the different types of tablets and problems and such that they use on them; also which is the most effective and costly/costless


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