A new 3D touch on a Samsung phone

The competition between Apple and Samsung is constantly running in a never-ending cycle, but this time, it is the 3D touch features that have sparked up the comparisons between both companies. Apple most recently had introduced not only their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also included a new pressure-sensitive touchscreen component. It has been successfully working, but Samsung has also been in the works for this new technical advancement within smart phones, and they are working towards including this 3D touch feature to their smartphones in the upcoming 2016 year.

This new technology will be joined with Synaptics and the developed technology will be called Clearforce. Not only will Clearforce be working towards the advancement of the 3D touch feature, but it is said that Clearforce components will also be included in Samsung mobile phones in the near future.

In my opinion, the new addition of the pressure sensitive touch screen will skyrocket Samsung’s profit. It is very diverse from what they usually include in their new updates. If the process ends up successful, it may even lure people into considering Samsung more than Apple for smartphone preferences.



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