Another Look at the Emoji Reactions

Last week Facebook introduced the “Emoji Reactions” on Facebook. I was surprised to see the approach that Facebook took after announcing plans to implement a “dislike” button.
In previous posts I discussed the concerns that people had regarding the promotion of negativity that the button would cause; however, these new emoji reactions seem to do the opposite.
These have only been implemented in Spain and Ireland so it may be a little while before the United States gets to try them out; however, in this article that I am attaching to this post, you can take a look at what these emoji reactions look like.
The ones demonstrated in this article are “haha” and “yay”. However, the use of these new emojis goes beyond personal use.
Having these emoji reactions can also help advertisers provide content that you would like. By using these reactions, ads can be targeted better.
These buttons show up in the same panel as the current “like” button.
Check out what the new buttons will look like in this article!


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