Tesla Motors Engineers: Active and Proactive


As we all know, Tesla just recently launched its Model X. With mixed reviews due to its price, the company must be on top of their game. The time is now. Rumor has it, they won’t disappoint.

Apparently, Tesla has begun focusing on the Model 3 development. This new creation is as important as ever for its expected to “revamp current losses toa  pathway towards profit generation.” Yeah, sounds pretty important to me.

There are three elements involved in Tesla’s revamping process: a Giga factory process, using a steel body rather than the typical aluminum, and a new paint shop.

The giga factory aims to produce about half a million batteries yearly. Its creation and production will begin early next year. The use of steel to form the Model 3’s body is an attempt to use a less efficient material to reduce cost of the future vehicle. Lastly, the new paint shop is to make for a smooth production for the Model 3.

Overall, the technology company is being as proactive as ever. They are working ahead to eliminate mistakes and delays that have not even yet occurred. Tesla Motors is headed in the right direction to ensure a bright future. This fact is reflected in their current gain in stock. Lets Go Tesla!


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