Apple UI Design for iOS

I have previously talked about the design direction that Google has taken in the past few years so I thought I should bring Apple into the conversation as well.

Apple is built on ease of use and creating an engaging and unique user experience. Their design in both computers and smartphones has given them a leg over their competition in recent years. iOS is considered beautiful and pleasing to use by many and that is because Apple holds their app and OS design to a very high standard.

Here are some of the key points they touch on when it comes to UI design for iOS:

Formatting Content


Adaptivity and layout are key to user experience. Apple sells devices with many different screens that can flip to different orientations with different contexts. It is important that views adapt to a change in the display environment in order to keep a consistent interaction with the user. Users should be able to see the important content at all times without having to do any zooming or scrolling.



“In iOS, color helps indicate interactivity, impart vitality, and provide visual continuity.” It is important for colors to work together with each other in order to be pleasing to a user’s eye. Not having enough contrast could confuse users and they will not be able to see where they need to navigate to. Color should also not be distracting. It can add to an experience but should only be thought of as an enhancement.



Displaying information in a concise and readable way is very important. Elements like menus can be overwhelming to the user if not handles properly. Information is important but it can be overbearing if too much is thrown at the user without the proper context.

There are many more areas that Apple touches on but I just wanted to highlight a few.

Be sure to read all of their UI Do’s and Don’ts here:


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