Apple Watch: To wear it is to love it.

A watch reimagined. Apple’s new watch allows users to experience their day to day life like never before. The new apple watch sends and receives notifications instantly, right at the touch of your wrist. Apple watch features a sleek design with a new variety of ways to make it match your personality. There are several different color options the watch comes in, as well as leather, rubber and other material made straps to adjust it to your perfect fit.

Apple watch receives and sends notifications. Apple watch can pay for your groceries at the flick of a wrist. Apple watch tracks your daily activity. Apple watch contains Siri. Now, does your Michael Kors watch do that? We didn’t think so.

Health and Fitness is important to almost everyone. With the recent introduction of Nike Fit Bits and other calorie tracking devices, Apple launched their own version, but made it bigger and better. We are not surprised here. The simple design allows for users to visualize their activity and see if they have been sitting too long or haven’t reached their fitness goal for the day.

Apple Sport pricing starts at $399 but other varieties, features and upgrades are available. Apple Edition is the highest priced of the watches and starts at $10,000 due to gold and other design features.

To learn more, visit the website at


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