Malware Can Delete and Replace Google Chrome with a Lookalike Browser

Google Chrome is a browser utilized by many. It has recently been found that there is a version of malware out there that can delete a user’s Google Chrome browser and replace it with a lookalike browser that can be harmful. This lookalike browser is so similar to Google Chrome that you likely would not notice any differences while browsing.

It is called an “eFast Browser” and it works by installing itself and running in place of Google Chrome. The main concerns with this malware is that it does all kind of malicious activities including:

  • Generates pop-up, coupon, pop-under and other similar ads on your screen
  • Placing other advertisements into your web pages
  • Redirects you to malicious websites containing bogus contents
  • Tracking your movements on the web to help nefarious marketers send more crap your way to generating revenue

As a result, if this browser installs itself on a computer it can lead to serious privacy issues, and potentially even identity theft.

Learn more about this issue by clicking here.


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