A reintroduction to Imgur

Imgur has been around for about 6 years, but only recently has it really started to gain traction. This month the image-sharing site reached a solid 150 million followers, which is definitely a number not to look at lightly. Forbes magazine spoke with the site’s CEO and Community Manager, brother and sister pair Alan and Sarah Schaaf, about the recent growth of the platform and what makes it different from the other platforms and image-sharing sites available to internet junkies and social media-lites.

In a world with no shortage of social media platforms, it can be hard to stand out and be original. Imgur addressed this by promoting the site as a place where “introverts can be extroverts,” indicating it’s a relatively safe space for users to genuinely express themselves. “[Users/Introverted users] don’t have to worry about curating their own brand and are able to express themselves more authentically. They can go on Imgur and be themselves.”

This allows Imgur to compete with other platforms by providing said safe space. Rather than collecting likes or favorites on content like many platforms out today, Imgur users aim to collect upvotes and prevent downvotes, which promotes a sense of community among users on the site. Without those likes, images are given a more collective, qualitative reputation instead of a quantitative set of likes.

To read more about Imgur, the growth it has experienced, and what it stands for both as a company and social media platform, I highly recommend the piece published by Forbes, Imgur’s Alan Schaaf: Image-Sharing Site Lets People Express Themselves ‘Authentically’.


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