United Nations warns of threat a few years away of Killer Robots.

Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence have started a campaign to warn the UN of an upcoming threat of Killer robots.  No not Terminators, the type of threat from robots they are talking about is artificial intelligence.  We all know of the drones that the military and their use of it it to carry out assassination targets.  Even right now there are many mistake made from the people in control of the systems and the result is innocent people being killed.

What these experts are worried about is if we hand over the controls of the drones to artificial intelligence what kind of mistakes will be made by it.  The artificial intelligence that would be in control of the drones won’t have the same way of thinking as humans do.  People can use their judgement to see what the best path can be with the least amount of casualties.  Also they would judge to see if the life’s of the causalities are worth it or not.  Even just talking about this subject is difficult because of the different ways people think and the emotions we feel.  Artificial Intelligence does not have any of that.  It will only think of the best way to get the job done, with whatever algorithms we put them to use.   We are not at the point technologically wise in order reproduce the human brain in all its intricacies, to give artificial intelligence what we have.

If you would like to learn more on this subject click the link below and read the article.



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