Three Ways Facebook’s New Emoji Reactions Will Change the Approach to Advertise on Social Media

I have previously discussed ways in which the new Facebook emoji reactions can positively affect the way in which marketer’s and advertiser’s receive feedback on Social Media.
I don’t know about you guys, but when I am browsing through Facebook and I come across an ad that doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, I do not take the time to comment on it and express why I don’t like it. However; when I come across an ad that I do like, I have no problem stopping my browse to give it a quick “like”.

It is a lot less time consuming to “like” something then it is to comment an explanation for our so called “dislike”. Often times when people on Facebook don’t like something, they simply ignore it. Now normally this isn’t a problem, except it doesn’t give the marketer or advertiser an explanation as to why their approach isn’t working.

With the new emoji reactions we can express to advertiser’s our true feelings about an ad with something as simple as clicking the “like” button. Of course this new button has only been implemented in Ireland and Spain so advertisers in the U.S will have to wait a little while before they can find out if this new button will actually be effective; however, based on the reasons in this article on Social Media Today, I think it will do wonders for the marketing and advertising approaches on Facebook.
Check out the article in this link below!


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