What If Your Car Did The Driving For You?


A car that can drive itself? No way.


Tesla Motors has unveiled its new software feature: Autopilot. Autopilot can be found in Tesla’s latest Model, Model S. It is essentially a software update that allows the Tesla to drive itself. The update is voice- activated, so basically, you tell your car where and how to drive, without actually driving the car yourself.

Overall, the reviews can all agree that the technology is amazing, but its not ready to replace human drivers. One customer referred to an instance in which he was attempting to switch lanes, therefore, he told his vehicle to switch lanes, and it did not. Instead, it remained perfectly in the lane in which it already was in.

This new technology may not be able to replace human drivers just yet, but I believe it has truly opened a door to the future of driving. Plus, we all hate parallel parking… Let’s let our car do it for us this time.


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