Its a bird! Its a plane! No, its an UFO

This drone-like device harvests pure brain waves to remotely control its flight. We may ask, how is this done??? Through the use of a headset-like headband and a clip that goes around the ear; In combination with the ear-clip, the headband monitor brain activity through the variations of your electrical pulses. This technique is similar to neuro-surgeons tracking EEG waves. Communication between the headband and the ear-clip is dine via Blu-tooth technology.  As you relax and concentrate, an included infrared transmitter connected to your smartphone’s audio port sends a wireless signal to the UFO. The app provides a control panel that allows you to adjust the throttle, yaw, and pitch thresholds of the UFO’s propellers, adjust the sensitivity of concentration, and filter background electromagnetic interference. This item seems to be designed for kids, but I can’t help but be fascinated with it as an adult. THE POWER OF THE MIND!


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