$9.99 for 30 seconds

This week, YouTube announced a service to remove the short ads played before YouTube videos. YouTube Red will allow users to stop those ads from ever appearing in their web browsers for $9.99 a month (unless you’re an iPhone user, then your charge will be $12.99– dang iOS in-app purchase fees), an amount YouTube has deemed acceptable. Video-watchers will no longer have to sit through those 15 to 30-second inconveniences if they choose to participate in this exchange.


In addition to ad-blocking, the service provides users the opportunity to save videos to their portable devices for off-line video play, access to a YouTube music app coming later this year, and exclusive high-quality videos and show from popular YouTubers.

Despite the fact that this service is completely optional now, it is absolutely part of a lengthy plan to get users to pay to use YouTube at all. This is starting within the coming quarters as YouTube is making popular YouTubers agree to push their content into paid-service only streaming, rendering their videos “private” in the U.S. if they do not comply. YouTube execs hope to see YouTube become a paid service within the coming years, but they won’t tell you that in any press release. Keep an eye out, limited access to Jenna Marbles and Vine compilation videos could be on its way.

To read more detailed information about YouTube Red and quotes directly from YouTube execs, you can check out the article here.


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