Apple TV: The Future of Television

Apple never fails to release the newest technology with upgraded technology constantly improving. For those of you who are not familiar with Apple TV and the way it works, it essentially is a small box that connects to your TV through HDMI cords and connects to your wireless internet. Once the Apple TV box is set up, using your iCloud and Apple account, you can log onto various apps on the channel. These applications go anywhere from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, ABC Go, WatchESPN and so much more. Apple TV really opens the world to the future of television. The new idea of Netflix and Hulu accounts can only be accessed via internet and the fact that Apple TV connects to your wifi, now leaves your laptop free to surf the web if you’re watching a movie or show of your choice.

The newest update of the Apple TV has added features, one of them including the introduction of Siri to the television world. Siri can now help you make decisions on television shows, movie genres to watch and even playing music. The new design of the Apple TV remote now features a swipe touch screen at the top of the remote so say goodbye to clicking buttons. Touch forever changed how we interact with our phones. Now it comes to the remote. Use your thumb on the Touch surface of the Siri Remote to scroll, select, and navigate your TV screen effortlessly.

Even gaming is coming to your TV with the new Apple TV features. Apple has added the app store to the various applications that can turn your living room into a fitness center, an online gaming world or even personal time with your favorite food network.

The new Apple TV pricing starts at $149 and is available for purchase online and in stores today. Don’t miss out, join the future of television today.


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