The new launch in India

Samsung mobile products are always widely being distributed across the world at various times- whether it is a new phone, or a device with higher quality than ones provided or restricted to other countries, each country seems to represent Samsung in their own unique way. As of November 3rd, India will be carrying Samsung’s latest mid-range Galaxy on smartphones. Originally, the Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 were launched in China as well earlier this week. It seemed to have a successful impact; therefore, the launch of headsets in India is now the upcoming project to be introduced.

The Galaxy on5 and on7 offer a variety of new features distributed throughout these mobile devices. For example, they offer 720p displays that are 5 and 5.5 inches, as well as 8GB storage, a microSD slot in the phone, and an included 8MP camera. Battery life is much highly improved as well as an LTE connectivity on the FDD standard.

Besides the new features that are included, there is a new music streaming service included on the Samsung Galaxy called Milk Music and it is pre-installed. There is not much detail on this service yet, but it is definitely one that will keep Galaxy users aware and excited.

I’m interested in seeing how the Galaxy plays out once introduced to India. If it had success in a large country such as China, I have no doubts that Samsung consumers in India will be willing to try it out.


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