Facebook’s New Ideas Just Keep on Coming

Last month, (wow I can’t believe it was already a month ago), Facebook implemented the new Emoji Reactions. I have talked about what the new feature does, some of the concerns it raised, and even the benefits it has on advertising. But while that new feature plays out, Facebook is now working on something else.

Facebook has had a lot of backlash regarding the ‘real name’ policy. Often times people don’t want to use their name on Facebook. This happens for a variety of reasons: famous people don’t want to be found, high school seniors don’t want colleges to find them, or just privacy purposes in general. However, Facebook hasn’t always been lenient on verifying the “fake names”. Of course, those who need or want to use a different name have had a lot of criticism over this policy. After facing this heaving criticism, Facebook has decided to make some changes.

Facebook has decided to make new changes regarding this issue. The first change will allow people who do not want to use their real name to explain their circumstances. This will help Facebook get an idea of whether or not the person is legitimate or if it’s a scam.

The second change Facebook will make is in regard to reporting and blocking people. Currently, there is no option of explaining why you want to report or block someone. However, the change Facebook is now implementing next month will allow users to give a reason on why the person they are reporting should be reported and/or blocked.

These new changes are said to be implemented in December. If you want to read more about Facebook’s new plans check out the article below.



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