Pushing Hardware to the Limit – Overclocking

PC Gamer recently wrote an article about PC hardware enthusiasts who actually competitively overclock CPUs. Overclocking, if you don’t know, is pushing a processor past its recommended “clock” speed to improve its performance. Doing so generates more heat than normal, and can lead to a destroyed CPU if you’re not careful.

Overclockers like Goddy Roodt, a champion in the scene from South Africa, have likely melted quite a bit of hardware in their limit-pushing efforts. To combat the enormous heat that overclocking generates, these hardcore overclockers will use dry-ice and liquid nitrogen to cool their components.

“After two hours you stop, because your entire system freezes over and it becomes too wet. You have to insulate your motherboard with electrical tape and vaseline and whatever you can find, so it gets really ugly…”

See the full article on PC Gamer



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