Samsung’s Galaxy View is an 18-inch tablet/TV you carry around like a briefcas

Samsung has been wanting to reinvent how people would be consuming content and how accessing that content. The Galaxy View is a product that’s within arm’s reach and gives you an experience like a 60-inch television says Miloseski’s exaggerating. Having a much bigger screen than smaller tablets makes the appearance a lot more in your face.

The Galaxy View will be able play up to 8 hours of continuous video. IF there was higher resolution at this size of 18 inches then the Galaxy View would see less battery life. The other reason is because almost all streaming video content and apps are optimized for full HD resolution.

The base model of this is Wi-Fi only, but I would not be surprised that down the road an LTE model will also be available. Buyers will have the options between two types of storage capacity :32GB and 64GB. All Galaxy View’s both will have a microSD card slot allowing them to store up to 128GB

I neat design feature is that the screen can also collapse downwards so that the screen tilts at a slant, which is ideal for when you’re in bed or have the tablet laid down on a flat surface.


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