Tesla’s 3rd-Quarter Earnings Shed Light on 3 Important Elements of the Company’s Performance


As we’ve learned, Tesla Motors has had its fair share of ups and downs this past year. There has been a drop in stock shares, and unsettling reviews on the company’s first ever crossover SUV: The Model X. However, the technology company has produced more cars that it ever has in its existence, and received a huge bump in revenue. With such highs and lows, people are anticipating Tesla’s third-quarter outcome.

Business Insider tells its audience to stop focusing on the numbers, and rather, focus on three major things:

  1. Delivery, Delivery, Delivery
  2. Model X won’t make a large contribution
  3. Model 3 must stay on schedule

These three elements come as no surprise to Tesla followers.

In terms of delivery, the company cannot sell cars that they haven’t yet built. In terms of the Model X, it still does not compare to the Model S in any way shape or form. And lastly, in terms of the Model 3, the company must not get too crazy. In other words, as they learned with the Model X, complexity can often cause catastrophe.

It seems to me as though if the company stays true to their roots, their quarterly earnings will be just fine.


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