Instagram & Boomerang, a beautiful relationship

Instagram has added another app to its family! The standalone mobile application, Boomerang, has joined the ranks among Instagram’s other standalone apps to bring users the ability to create animated photos and gif-style content to add animation and a little excitement to their profiles. This has proven to be an interesting addition to the Instagram application lineup and has started to garner popularity among Instagram users.

(screencaps courtesy of Instagram)

The app works as follows. Individuals download the app and shoot 1-second mini-videos that are really just multiple photos blended into one looping frame. Although the mini-clips must be shot within the Boomerang app, once the app has completed the process the finished product can be shared on most social media platforms.

This is exciting for social media managers and Instagram gurus because it opens up both a new style of gif and a new medium for social media content. By creating these 1-second images that loop backwards and forwards, users can create creative illusions that can be used for all kinds of social media marketing and promotion. I look forward to seeing how businesses and companies approach this new medium, or if they embrace it at all.

You can read more about the application, its economic specifications and details about its operation here.


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